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Dylan Francis Jock

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Dylan and Mommy at his first Christmas tree

Talking to Daddy about the tree

Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Jock

With the Jocks in Ellicott City

Dylan's very happy about his new maraca

Archie-Belle and Rocky love the tree too

Christmas day at the Unger's

Dylan is as excited as Mommy about her new sweater

Dylan doing a Christmas jig with Grandpa Unger

Rae holding the two Christmas grandkids

Cuddling with Grandma

Julia is excited about all her presents

Julia gets her first pocket book from Aunt Pamela & Uncle Tim

Frank gets new clubs from Tim, Pam, Matt & Tre

Christmas Eve at Aunty's in Northampton

Someone can hardly contain himself from all the wrapping paper

Lynn, Tre and Aunty all dig into their gifts

Frank using his new toy, Rae opening a gift from Auntie

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