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Dylan Francis Jock

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Dylan and Dad after a long party

Where's my next present?



Were you hiding this from me?

Eric Scholtz & the Jocks


Matt, Tre, Julia and goofy Grandma

John & Chris Devaney

Let me out

The last of the hardcore troubadours

Grandpa Jock relaxing

Gwen and Rocky performing kitty tricks

Chris, Julia and Karen Devaney

Happy St. Patrick's day!

Feeling Irish today

Exploring in the kitchen

Hiding in the dining room

One year photos

A beat-up glove and a home-made bat...

This is my good side

I put out the candle with my bare hands

Birthday boy with Mommy & Daddy

Welcome banner

Birthday QT with Mommy

Daddy helps me open presents

Presents with Mommy and Grandma Jock

Today is the greatest day

I need to catch my breath

1st birthday balloons

Winnie the Pooh cake

Dylan and Aunty

With Cindy Gregory

A few days before birthday

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