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Dylan Francis Jock

This Month's Photos         
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Heidi Esposito and Dylan

Dylan rocks Sylvie Esposito to sleep

"Dylaaan, first Daddy gets tea, then you," says Paige Espo

"Jaimoe, go fetch this ball!"

Someone's in the kitchen with Paige Esposito in Nashville

Dylan with Jaimoe, the Espo's dog

Chris and Sylvie Esposito

Sees a bird outside daycare with Baltimore skyline in back

Playing with his popper

With Mike & Cyndi Gregory in Bethany Beach

Dylan loves playing with his pails and shovels

Yeah, clap-clap!

Cuddling Mommy on the beach

Dylan's first self-portrait

Mommy, you can't beat a day at the beach

The happy family at Bethany Beach

I am so proud of myself

Dylan showing off his cool lid

Blowing bubbles whiile Grandpa sleeps

Oh no, I went and buried myself


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