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Dylan Francis Jock

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Sunset on our final night in the Keys

Top: Dylan's Birthday cake, above: Key West

Playing with a little doggie outside Louie's in Key West

Washed-out sunset in Key West

Dylan enjoys his 2nd birthday cake almost as much as Grandpa Jock

Key west with Grandma and Grandpa Jock

Dylan, Mommy and Daddy watch a Dolphin get big air on Dylan's birthday

A dolphin doing tricks for eats

The Dolphin Research Center in Marathon Key

Dylan pulling Mommy and Daddy into the water at Bahia Honda beach

Dylan dances with Mommy in the water at Bahia Honda

Someone took a face plant in the sand!

Dylan points at a jumping fish (feesh) off the back patio

Looking for the beach ball with Grandma Jock, "where did it go?"

Enjoing a snack with Grandma Unger

Testing his shovel at Sombrero beach in Marathon Key

He can never get enough sand digging

I'm getting tired

Let's go for a swim, mama and dada

Pelican watching with Grandpa Unger

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