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Dylan Francis Jock

This Month's Photos         
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Hanging out at and Unger family reunion party in Allentown, PA

Trying to hit the target

With Mommy, Grandma Unger and cousin Joseph

Cousin Joseph wants to play with Dylan

Using Grandpa's arm for a track is better than the ground

Julia and Dylan have a picnic of their own

Julia and Dylan play hide and seek

Ring around the rosie with Aunty

... and we all fall down (and sometimes bump our head)

Dylan is very interested in all the presents Joseph gets for his 1st birthday

Dylan throws a football to Grandma Jock...

...and it's a completed pass.


Dylan asks Aunt Sheshie for a better view of the bird house

Mommy shows Dylan all the pretty flowers

Abbie and Dorothy try coaxing Dylan to eat some fruit

Uncle Billy and Dylan pose

Billy holds up Dylan for a high percentage shot at the hoop

Uncle Danny and Dylan

Derek makes sure Dylan is a well-rounded Jock

Uncle Bruce teaches Dylan how to restore a classic car

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