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Dylan Francis Jock

This Month's Photos:                                                                         second month | first month

Holding his Winnie the Pooh balloon                           Going for a ride on Mommy's knees

Mommy and Dylan smiling

He has his daddy's smirk - watch out

Smiling at himself in the mirror

Aunty loves playing with Dylan

Big smile after a good nap

Bouncing with Rocky

At the beach with Mommy

The first family vacation

Showing off his gummy smile                                Gettin a good meal on the Bethany boardwalk

His first day at day care                                     Sleepy after playing with the other babies

Grandma bouncing Dylan

Sleepytime with Mommy

"Nothing below the waste"

"I decided I like the bath afterall"

Playing with Grandma

Starting to fuss!

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