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Dylan Francis Jock

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Mama and Grandma Jock watch Dylan open Christmas presents

Opening a book from Grandma Jock by his favorite author/illustrator: Eric Carle

Uncle Billy (Biddy): "So you wanna be a rock n' roll star?"

"Yeah, more presents!"

Dylan and Uncle Mike play with puzzles at the Jocks

Dylan jams on his first harmonica Christmas Day

Another present from Santa Claus - a train!

Dylan wrestles his new super-sized Elmo

Auntie plays catch with a toy Santa up at her house Christmas Eve

"Auntie: catch!"

Dylan gives cousin Joe Unger a Christmas hug

Someone ensures possession in a Tiki Barber-esque grip as Julia opens a gift

Opening presents with Mama at the Ungers on the 23rd

Dylan assembles a new toy with a little help

A new favorite toy gets a lot of attention

Grandpa Unger gives Dylan all the details about his new fire engine

Dylan enjoys an extra Thanksgiving dinner at the Goddard School with Ms Becka

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