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Dylan Francis Jock

This Month's Photos:                                                      4th month | 3rd month2nd month | 1st month

I think I dig my big boy highchair

So many toys in my saucer

A serious saucer pose

Riding his bear blanket with Mommy

Mr. Octopus is one of his favorite toys

Rocky playing with his wrist mouse

Smiling at Archie Belle

Playing in his red boppy

Playing with froggy

Dlyan's first 4th of July

At dinner in Bethany with Grandma Unger                                    Coolin' off at the pool in Bethany


Still loves his gymini

In the kiddie pool with Mommy

                                               Playing with cousin Julia at the beach house

With both Grandmas                                           Sleeping on Grandma Jock

Laughing at Grandpa Jock                                    Playing with Uncle Billy and Grandma Jock

Laughing at Mommy with the Jocks                        Kickin back in his rocker

Dylan's first full day at the beach

Chillin like Dylan

In the sand with Grandma Unger                          Rosey red cheeks and a cool lid

Dylan with dad at daycare

Smiling in his big boy outfit

Having fun at daycare with buddy Ezra

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