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Dylan Francis Jock

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Mama watches Dylan open a Hess monster truck from Santa Claus

Dylan patiently awaits present opening with Mama while watching Grandma & Grandpa Jock

Dylan sitting on Uncle Billy's lap during present time

"I wore my guitar shirt for you Uncle Billy"

Dylan rides his new big boy bike from Grandma & Grandpa Unger

Wow, I go so fast on this bike!

You can't catch me, Cayden


Wicked Uncle Espo sent a Ray Lewis action figure: "But, I don't like the Ravens!" through real tears


Dylan opens Ray Lewis and Cayden gets a singing flashlight Sponge Bob from Godfather Espo

Yeah, presents!

A toy cash register for Dylan & an outside rider for Cayden (but the ornaments are more interesting)

Dylan on Mama's lap with a new noise-making truck from Aunty

Cayden, you can play with it when you're older

A little out of control with Christmas joy at Aunties

Can you please open my truck, Uncle Matt?

Look, a new Porsche from Grandma & Grandpa Unger!

Dylan and Julia behaving nicely next to Aunt Teresa

So much for behaving nicely!

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