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Dylan Francis Jock

This Month's Photos:                                         5th month | 4th month | 3rd month2nd month | 1st month

Catching his first Bethany wave

A day at the beach Labor Day week

Here comes another

Biting the toy away from Daddy

I like the view from up here

In his apres-surf getup

I got the toy away from Daddy

I love the beach

I own this beach in these board shorts

Lame wave mommy

Toy sharing 101 with professor Jock

Is there room for me in there?

Dylan and Mommy pet Archie on the front porch

Cousin Julie gives Rocky nice pets

Dylan and Julie playing at the beach in his saucer castle

"The grown ups are so enthralled with us..."

Out for a walk in the Baby Bjorn

Riding the chipmunk on the trail behind our house...

...and the horsey too.

Swinging with Mommy

Chubby cheeks

A visit from Uncle Espo

Smiling for Mommy and Espo

You're a legacy, the Jesuits will have to accept you - they even took us

mmm, my first green beans

I think I like the cereal better

Jamming on the piano at daycare

Workin his abs with the boppy

Feelin the burn

Dylan Jock, aspiring artist

His green lantern superhero outfit protects him from paint

I'm ready to eat

With friend Riley at daycare

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