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Dylan Francis Jock

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Dylan's 6th Birthday:

Opening presents after his party

Motorcycle ride at Adventure Park

I am an aspiring male model

Air hockey wizard like Mama

Da ladies man

He prefers strawberries over the cake

With a little help from my friends

Presents from Mama and Daddy

Horse shoes ; )

B and O Railroad:

Dylan rings the bell

In awe of the old machine

Come out of the roundhouse

Out in the unseasonable warmth

Watching a movie

Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg VA:

Inner tubes rock

Riding the waves



Aint he handsome

Making sure we have enough water

Time for the hot tub

This never gets old

In their Kid Kabin


Bumblebee transformer - I was that for Halloween!

Presents at our house

Hess trucks are timeless

Thank you

Dylan and Uncle Billy

Dunking on his new hoop

A scooter!

Christmas morning at Aunties

Thank you Auntie

Quality Mama time

Auntie's turn

Waiting patiently

A surf board from Grandma and Grandpa Unger!

Joe, I love magnets, even if they make me behave

Santa visits Ellicott City on a fire truck

There he is!



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