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Dylan Francis Jock

This Month's Photos:                                         previous months: 7th | 6th | 5th | 4th | 3rd2nd | 1st

New mini movie of Dylan playing DJ on his music box (1.12 Mgb)

Dylan's first Halloween

How's about a punkin Daddy?

Lil' Devil with a bag of tricks

I can fly thanks to this magic black cape

This lil' devil was frightened by the neighborhood witch

Biter biscuit is yummy!

Playing with Uncle Billy and Grandma

Kickin back in his Halloween PJs with Grandpa

Dylan and Mommy play the chimes

Dylan plays with jello for the first time

Dylan and buddy Seamus display refined jello fondling

Now batting, numba 23 Dylan Jock, numba 23...

Yo, let's go yankees!

Sleepy Pooh

Now I'm wide awake! ...


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