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Welcome Cayden Edward Jock, born August 28 weighing 7lbs 10oz!

So much sleepy time

Post bath towel-off

Not so sure about the water temperature

Sleeping to the sounds of crashing waves and salty smells

I slept this whole day at the beach away

Smiley Jocks

Grandma Jock cuddles ayden

A kiss from big bro

Grandpa Jock is not used to holding babies after they're a few minutes old

First bath!

Clean Cayden

Oh so sleepy

I smell milk!

Daddy time

The Jock boys

Can nap with you?

Newborn Cayden

Mama and Dylan greet Cayden

Welcome to the world

Mom and Cayden just after delivery

The Jock family, now of 4

Mama, where are the Jock eyebrows?

A kiss from big brother...

...And a kiss for Mama

Can I hold him?

Yes, now pose for the camera

Mother and child moment

Presents for big brother

Daddy and Cayden

Grandma Unger cradles the little one

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