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Cayden Jock

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Cayden thinks he's 4 years old, playing with Jake Stein

He dives down head-first and the older boys follow

Cayden chews on one of Stella Stein's toys

Stella's toys are so much fun!

I'm going to pick out a little punkin for me

Can I play with your doggie, purdy please?

This is a good one for Mama (and the position indicates another agenda)

Too fast to catch him clearly in the hay maze

Still too fast for you Mama

I got you!

I found another one

Here it is

He's got his game face on

I found one for Dylan

Playing ball with Mama at Bethany Beach

Digging for buried treasure, Arrr!

Getting a ride from big brother with Emma Scholtz at her 1st birthday party



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