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Welcome Cayden Edward Jock, born August 28 weighing 7lbs 10oz!

Previous months: 2nd | 1st

Cayden sitting in his Bebe Pod seat

Tummy Time

My bear tastes yummy

Mama gets Cayden ready for flight

I'm flying away

OK, now I'm hungry

Mama and Cayden at Halloween in Centennial Park

Uncle Joey and Cayden

His first Halloween

Mama's lil' pumpkin

Cayden, Mama and Dylan pose

Cayden in his Baby Bjorn with Dylan in the background

Barbara (in town from The OC), Cyndi, Keegan, Dylan< Pamela and Cayden

Cayden with Grandma Unger (sorry it's fuzzy)


Simmer down: with Evy Hayes and Keegan Gregory


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