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Officiant: Pastor, Reverend Monsignor Joseph C. Cunningham


Pamela outside of parent's house                       Dad and Pamela rehearse the veils     

Presto! It worked.                                          Wow, its hard to navigate looking through the veil

Yes! We're married!                                         Phew! That part is done; let's party!

Matt and Aunty love the bubbles.                      Here they come...

Let's get 'em!


About the Wedding Party

Pamela's Attendents
Barb Stein - Matron of Honor and friend since they were teenage mallrats
Teresa Unger - Sister-in-law
Tascia Pregno - Friend since college
Amy Buerman - Friend since college
Suzanne McCool - Friend since college
Michelle Poggi - Friend from first job after college
Abigail Schultz - Tim's cousin
Dorothy Schultz - Tim's cousin

Tim's Attendents
Eric Scholtz - Best Man and college roomate
Chris Esposito - Friend since highschool
Chris Devaney - Friend since college
Dan Jock - Brothers gotta hug
Joe Jock - Brother
Matt Unger - Pamela's brother
Billy Jock - Brother
Derek Schultz - Cousin

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