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Baby Robins in a tree at the beach neighbors' house

"You're not our Mama!"

Eminem's long lost dad spotted downy oshun munchin ona doggie!

Sugar magnolia blossoms bloomin...

...in the front yard of the Unger beach house

A view from under a banana tree in Marathon Key

Pamela and Frank enjoy an afternoon cocktail

Dan and Frank chatter with Jan in the back

Sunrise from our rental house in Marathon

Frank and Rae sip coffee after sunrise


Joseph Unger, born August 13 2004, and Grandma

The Brothers Jock

Posing on the Jock basketball court in Cooperstown

Billy opens his graduation present

Dr. Jock hard at work in the garden


Dad in Cooperstown on his 60th birthday                       Anna & Steve, John, Cyndi, Barbara and the non-running
after Chicago Marathon '02; all qualified for Boston

Too much wine already!                                          The famous Jock golf green & wiffle ball field

Pamela & Tim self pic on 1st wedding anniversary             Grandma & Joey in Pismo Beach, CA

Pamela & Tim in Pismo Beach, CA                               Sunset in Pismo Beach

Tim & Grandma at the Solvang Mission                         Pamela, Grandma, Shadow & Maverick

Chris D, Joe, Tim & Andy at Joe & Judie's wedding            Joe & Judie look marvelous

Mom (Jan) & Pam attempting to play golf                      Dad (Dan) & Tim really play golf

Eric & Barb in OCMD - Summer '02          

Halloween 2002

At John 's in Baltimore:

Sharon and Ozzy                                                                                       Ozzy and Eminem

Sharon, Ozzy, Richard Simmons and Monica Seles                               Gang of hooligans

Richard (Eric), Ozzy (Tim) and Eminem (Sino)


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